Waste Management


We apply integrated environmental and engineering skills to a comprehensive range of activities from waste management, strategy and implementation to all areas of waste facility development, management, environmental protection and closure/restoration of landfills.

Efficient waste management is an essential element of modern environments and requires a broad range of skills to achieve the economic and environmentally sensitive solutions required.

Hidroplan provides the experienced practical advice which is a priority in managing the legislative and statutory pressures currently being applied to waste management and landfill in particular.

We provide expert advice and engineering assistance to waste management contractors, local authorities, national governments and development agencies.

Our experience with local regulatory agencies, grant and loan application procedures, and funding priority lists allows us to assist municipalities in understanding and utilizing the loan application process. Additionally, our knowledge of regulatory requirements facilitates proper preparation of plans and specifications for review by state agencies, saving clients both time and money.


Investigation preliminary works

Sortirnica Krk


Our team has developed and worked on projects including:

  • Waste Management Studies and Plans
  • Consultancy services on operational issues to private and public waste management organizations
  • Conceptual, preliminary, detailed and implementation design of Waste Treatment facilities, Disposal facilities - Sanitary Landfills and Remediation of old landfills
  • Permit/licence applications
  • Lechate control and gas monitoring
  • Design of collection and recycling systems, transport and transfer systems
  • Investigation Works Plans and implementation of Investigation Works
  • Implementation support , including Tender documents, contracting, supervision and commissioning
  • Feasibility studies covering legal, organizational, technical, environmental, financial and social aspects, including cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis
  • Construction Quality Control and supervision of works